CEO Message

DL Energy is a global energy developer that discovers the best energy solutions for each country's environment and infrastructure around the world.
DL Energy, composed of about 50 experts in the field of energy with excellent project management skills and business development know-how, invests and operates power plants from various fuel sources around the world, including natural gas, wind power, solar power, and biomass.

As the global energy developer, DL Energy has invested in 14 power plants in various countries, such as Korea, the United States, Australia, Pakistan, Jordan, and Chile, and has secured a total of 6.9 GW power generation capacity. In particular, it is strengthening its position as a global IPP company by investing 1.6GW in Korea and 5.3GW overseas. And by power generation, 7 renewable energy power plants and 7 thermal power plants were invested to establish a balanced portfolio of power generation.

Moreover, DL Energy independently performs the entire process of project development from project planning, discovery, financing, construction management and operation. In addition to that, it promotes sustainable growth through the constant circulation of development cycles, which is "investment-construction-operation-dividend-reinvestment."

Energy business is all about changing the world for the better. By being fully committed to our mission, we will continue to improve the lives of people we serve while boosting regional economies around the world. At the same time, we promise to improve long-term shareholder value and make our business partners more profitable based on a solid profitability-based approach to business. For this, DL Energy established an ESG committee within the company to set up the ESG strategy and to make a decision about investment considering ESG suitability.

Even from now on, We, DL Energy, will consistently do our utmost to supply clean and safe energy to all around the world at the reasonable price.

Hoonchul Ha