To operate power plant properly, the professional know-how for operation and clear insight about the market are definitely necessary. Thus, most of start-up power plants, which just entered the market, frequently undergo difficulties due to lack of experience.

Therefore, DL Energy has not only invested in power plant, but also conducted management and technical consulting works for early stabilization on the basis of our own know-how gained from wide experiences in managing various types of power plant.

Concretely, through Management and Technical Service Agreement (MTSA), DL Energy dispatch plant operations staffs besides providing business management. Moreover, by getting support from headquarters, several companies under MTSA are able to readily figure out the problems and even be advised the efficient management plan helping them start their own business in the most efficient way.

For instance, Poseung Green Power, one of companies that DL Energy executed contract, recorded more than 70% of availability in its first year of operation and even the highest level of stability comparing other companies in the same type power plants.

Additionally, DL Energy contributes to maximizing the profit as well as stabilizing through trading business in market where professional knowledge is significantly required.

Based on analysis of market trend and predictions made by experts, DL Energy takes charge of electricity, fuel, REC (Renewable Electricity Certificate), and trading business for the companies supported by DL Energy’s experts. Furthermore, DL Energy also leads them to generate continuous flow of profit by adjusting portfolio of both short-term and long-term transactions based on market situation.