EMA Power Investment and Daelim EMA
Management (U.A.E)

DL Energy and IDB Infrastructure Fund II managed by ASMA Capital Partners B.S.C (c) have established joint venture companies, EMA Power Investment and DAELIM EMA Management, with total capital commitment of USD 200 million in April 2016. The companies will serve as an investment platform focusing on Independent Power Plant (“IPP”) projects in the Middle East, Africa, CIS, and Southwest Asia, especially regions where consistently high demand for electricity is anticipated and where effective legislation and regulatory frameworks are available for managing IPP business more efficiently even when its risk is relatively high.

EMA Power Investment will be an investment vehicle, and thus Daelim EMA Management will provide project development, technical advisory, and asset management services with regards to the investment by EMA Power investment. DL Energy and ASMA Capital will be committed to support for a successful investment and management of the companies by providing deal opportunities, development advisory services, and financial assistances.

Up to the present, EMA Power Investment achieved investment success in Pakistan Hawa Wind, Bangladesh Summit Power, and Thakurgaon HFO Power.

Established in Bahrain in 2014, the IDB Infrastructure Fund II, managed by ASMA Capital Partners B.S.C (c) is focused on funding investments in infrastructure projects from member nations of IDB (Islamic Development Bank) and ASEAN. The shareholders of ASMA Capital Partners are IDB, Public Pension Agency (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Public Investment Fund (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Ministry of Finance (Kingdom of Bahrain) and Ministry of Finance (Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam), each of which holds 20% shares in ASMA Capital Partners B.S.C (c).

Business Outline

Business Outline
Company Name Daelim EMA Management and EMA Power Investment
Location Dubai, UAE
JV Scope Target projects : Power development, investment and operation
Target countries : IDB Member countries in Africa, Middle East, CIS, South West Asia
Partner IDB Infrastructure Fund II (Fund size: USD 2bil.)
JV size USD 200 Million
Ownership rate Daelim EMA Management (DL Energy 51%),
EMA Power Investment (DL Energy 9%)
* Investment Exit 2024(Plan)