CEO Message

CEO Sean Kim
At DL Energy, we develop, invest and operate power projects to provide energy all over the world. We review the feasibility of businesses and communicate with our partners in order to attract both capital and talent to transform a promising business idea into a long-term reality.

Some IPP companies from the developed countries have traditionally been at the global forefront of generating and distributing electricity. However, at DL Energy, we believe that we are the pioneers in IPP business especially in developing countries. One of DL Energy’s primary focuses is to help create and expand businesses specifically in developing countries with insufficient infrastructure.

There are many instances in the developing countries where business development opportunities are not followed through due to concerns over the transparent conveyance of information on business feasibility as well as difficulties in procuring capital. Nonetheless, we are highly motivated by the difficult challenges, and committed to building businesses by overcoming such obstacles.

Energy business is all about changing the world for the better. By being fully committed to our mission, we will continue to improve the lives of people we serve while boosting regional economies around the world. At the same time, we promise to improve long-term shareholder value and make our business partners more profitable based on a solid profitability-based approach to business. Therefore, the employees at DL Energy are proud to be the members of an industry that contributes to the growth of not only personal and business but also communities that we serve.

DL Energy has already gained a business foothold in power generation and has an eye on further expanding its track record in thermal power and renewable energy. Once we succeed in building a solid portfolio in power generation, we will continue to move up the industry’s value chain. We look forward to forging relations with business partners and experts in our global projects.