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Global Development Team 3 Manager Jongbeom(JB) Ham
Jongbeom(JB) Ham | Senior Manager
Global Development Team
Mr. Jong-beom Ham has over 10 years of experience in the field of electricity generation. After graduating from Seoul National University with a degree in mechanical engineering, Mr. Ham went on to work for the Korea East-West Power Co., LTD, gaining on-site experience at two coal fired power plant sites in Dangjin and Donghae. In addition to that, he has taken part in overseas thermal and renewable power projects in the Philippines and in the United States, gaining expertise in both conventional and renewable energy industries. Notably, M&A endeavors with multiple American power plants have led to the success of two takeovers. After his success, he determined to spend the next three years in the United States because of his responsibilities of reviewing the American power assets that were taken over and closing tax equity financing. As a manager of DL Energy’s Global Development Team focusing on the American Market, Mr. Ham is currently in charge of analyzing and optimizing technical data from a commercial standpoint.

"When did you feel the most rewarded for your work and what have you gained personally from your time at DL Energy?"

DL Energy is a young company that is just starting to grow meaning that a few people, including myself, needed to carry the weight of responsibility. After going through all the hardships, I realized that I was fortunate enough to be given many business opportunities and roles within a short period of time that contributed tremendously to my personal growth. Moreover, I had many great business opportunities and got to know many trustworthy partners during this time. Therefore, I choose this moment as the time that rewarded my work mostly. Moreover, one of my biggest accomplishments to date is having worked with such talented colleagues. I’m also delighted to know the member of the basketball club that I can share my love for sports. I still remember our very first official game; I was as nervous and excited about it as my very first date in college. Whenever I think of this moment, I become thankful to the company’s active support for employees. Every bi-weekly basketball meeting always makes me feel like I’m back in college again, stress-free and forget about work even just for a little while.

"You have worked with a number of overseas partners. How would you rate the global competitiveness of yourself and your team?"

Our team has formed a working consortium with our business partner as a minor developer and is currently working on an IPP project in South America. Generally speaking, a minor shareholder is restricted by the major developer from sharing information participating in the project. Even when there were aforementioned challenges in an early stage, our team has been recognized for our capabilities and so we are able to actively contribute to the business development with an equal partner status. Notably, financial analyst in our team has assumed a key role in the consortium, and his ideas and opinions have played a crucial role in carrying out the project. Furthermore, based on the nature of overseas projects, a thorough understanding of the local markets and languages are key elements in gaining a competitive edge. This is particularly the case for non-English-speaking countries, where linguistic capability is crucial to schedule management and accurate communication. In the South American region we are currently targeting, two of our native Spanish speakers are not only efficiently taking care of documentation and communication, but also preventing from wasting of time to push forward the tasks that need to be done. Even from my previous job, I’ve had many chances to collaborate with foreign IPP companies. I’ve witnessed instances where the history and sheer size of leading global IPP corporations have covered personal shortcomings of employees. Although DL Energy has a short history, I believe that every member of our team is just as capable as those working for some of the top players in this industry. This is why I have full of confidence that we have the edge over any global IPP corporation in the world.