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Technical & Operational Management Team Assistant Manager Kwanghee Park
Kwanghee Park | Senior Manager
Global Development Team
Kwanghee Park specializes in technical development of overseas and domestic power businesses with over 10 years of experience. After graduating from Hongik University with a degree in mechanical engineering, he started his career in technical development at Lotte Engineering & Construction by taking part in a number of overseas power plant projects, including overseas projects of IPP 2 & 3 and Attrat Power Plant in Jordan, Talimarjan Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) in Uzbekistan, Bhola & Sirajganj CCPPs in Bangladesh, and the Mid-Speed Diesel Power Plant in Angola. As a part of the development section at DL Energy’s Global Development Team, Kwanghee Park is responsible for overall technical aspects of business development such as analyzing the technical feasibility and risk factors for domestic and overseas IPP businesses, formulating winning strategies, negotiating in the area of technology for project agreements (PPA/FSA/EPC/O&M and etc.), and reviewing the technical input of financial models. He is currently in charge of the IPP bidding projects in Mexico and of technical due diligence for the takeover of power plants in the Asian market.

"What has been the most challenging part of your job at DL Energy?"

As the technical leader for takeover project of thermal power plant in South Asia, I was in charge of a number of tasks, from selecting a technical consulting company for the project to finalizing the technical parameters for the bidding price by overseeing the entire technical due diligence process. Because of the nature of takeover businesses, it was crucial to complete technical due diligence processes within the limited time, such as demonstrating the operation record of the power plant over the period as well as predicting technical parameters for valuations. To complete the due diligence in a timely manner, as a technical leader of the project, I frequently had to arrange numerous meetings and conference calls among stakeholders to get the job done. Even though it was difficult to arrange all the schedules for getting tasks done on time, everything went successfully.

"Could you explain just how global your job responsibilities are?"

The IPP bidding and takeover projects in which I am currently engaged are all based overseas. So, I typically start my day by checking all emails from our counter-companies mostly based overseas. Furthermore, when an internal risk analysis is initially conducted for each project with a positive cue, the selection processes for the most suitable technical consulting company will follow. In general, different level of selection works such as RFQ issuance, clarification, negotiations, and contracts will be done in English because most of the projects that I am involved in are based on international markets. While proceeding with the projects, it is crucial that I, as a technical leader of the project, formulate and develop prevailing strategies by frequently communicating with our business partners via conference calls or meetings.

"How would you rate the global competitiveness of yourself and your team?"

I can guarantee that there is no other company that has team members with as much talent and experience in the field as our team members at DL Energy. They have led numerous domestic and overseas IPPs and development projects to success, such as Jordan’s IPP3, listed as the world’s largest diesel power plant in the Guinness World Records, as well as the Norte II project which is Korea’s first-ever IPP business in Mexico. I have also taken part in various IPPs and development projects abroad including Angola, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, and Jordan. For the Jordanian project, I was in charge of winning an order to build the second IPP of CCPP, which contributes to roughly 15% of the total amount of electricity demand in the country. I was also responsible for conducting the commissioning and performance tests to ensure that the plant was successfully commissioned and completed per client’s requirements.

"Where do you see yourself in five years?"

My primary goal is to be the main role in contributing to DL Energy: I will become the leader in the international IPP market by winning the current bidding projects. In order to contribute to DL Energy’s global businesses, I plan to accumulate more knowledge not only by gaining a competitive edge in technical innovation but also expanding my expertise in finance, sharpening my business vision, and strengthening my global capacity. By doing so, I am confident that my goal will be achieved with DL Energy’s dominance in the IPP market.