Yeosu Hydrogen Fuel Cell (Korea)

The Yeosu hydrogen fuel cell power plant will be built on a site of about 8,200㎡ in Yeosu National Industrial Complex with a total project cost of about 100 billion won. The power generation capacity is 18.5MW, which can generate about 150,000MWh of electricity annually, which is the amount that about 50,000 households can use annually. Hydrogen, which is a power generation fuel, is supplied with by-product hydrogen generated during the process from Yeocheon NCC located in a short distance through pipes.

This project has been developed by DL Energy alone since early 2019, and it established ECO ONE Energy in March 2021 to be in charge of this project. The construction was started in July 2022 and the scheduled date of commercial operation is the second half of 2023.

Yeosu hydrogen fuel cell power plants use by-product hydrogen as fuel, unlike fuel cells that use natural gas as raw materials. Its value is high in terms of ESG management due to eco-friendly power generation that does not emit environmental pollutants such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, and nitrogen oxide.
Yeosu Hydrogen Fuel Cell (Korea)

Project Outline

Project Outline
Company Name ECO ONE Energy Co.,LTD.
Location Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea
Generation Type Hydrogen Fuel Cell (PAFC)
Capacity 18.5MW
Financial Close May, 2022
Commercial Operation 2nd Half, 2023 (Plan)
Major Shareholders DL Energy (100%)